How to increase libido in men?

Libido is a fairly broad concept that describes the sexual drive that is individual for every man. A decrease in libido, in turn, means a subjective loss of sexual desire and needs. Often, decreased interest in sex can be related to, inter alia, with a temporary crisis in a relationship, problems at work, stress. You can then use natural methods, psychotherapy, dietary supplements and pharmacological treatment if there is a coexistence of erection.
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Libido in men - when is it lowered?

Contrary to popular belief, a decrease in libido is not always associated with decreased testosterone levels in the body. Disorders of neurotransmitters in the central nervous system, the endocrine system and the mental state of a man are also responsible for lowering the sex drive. A decrease in libido means not only the loss of sex drive and reluctance to have intercourse with your partner, but also includes a complete lack of interest in the sexual sphere.
Moreover, many drugs used in the treatment of other conditions cause sexual dysfunction. Examples include antihypertensive drugs, psychotropic drugs or antidepressants. Neurotic disorders, depression and addictions are also very common causes of decreased libido in men.

Libido in men and accompanying diseases

When decreased libido is associated with a comorbid disease, the root cause should be treated first. Often the correct control of blood glucose levels in diabetics, good blood pressure control, and the selection of appropriate antihypertensive drugs solve the problem of loss of sex drive.
An important element is also lifestyle modification by limiting alcohol consumption and smoking, which are an important factor in the development of atherosclerosis, which in turn leads to the lack of erection. Moreover, proper treatment of lipid metabolism disorders (hypercholesterolaemia) must not be forgotten.
In the case of depression, psychotherapy may be helpful, which will reduce the use of antidepressants, which are very often responsible for sexual dysfunctions.

Libido and herbs and dietary supplements

In addition, remember about the gentle effects of plant preparations and herbs, which can also positively affect a man's sexuality (e.g. ginseng, ginkgo, lovage). A libido-increasing program should additionally include regular physical activity, which, apart from its proven beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, is an important element in eliminating stress factors that usually disturb sexual potency. Training individually adjusted to the state of health often brings very good results, as it increases the concentration of many neurotransmitters in the central nervous system responsible for the feeling of pleasure.
You can try to increase libido through appropriate dietary supplements for men. They usually contain a composition of plants (e.g. terrestrial mace, maca root), as well as vitamins and elements (zinc, selenium) that can improve sexual drive.

A decrease in libido and a visit to a sexologist

Good contact with a partner is also an indispensable element. Often the problem is in bad relationships, which can be improved by honestly talking about your intimate needs. Otherwise, it is recommended to use the help of a sexologist when the problem of decreased libido lasts for more than 6 months, despite the use of all the above natural methods and the exclusion of diseases causing sexual dysfunction.